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Why Make an Account? is the leading multi-vendor platform built specifically for drone related goods, meaning the target audience for your product will be primarily concentrated through this website. By bringing your wares into the marketplace, you can join in on one of the fastest growing industries to date. We aim to bring drones to the mass market and we would love for you to hitch a ride. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Set Your Prices

Determine how much users will pay for each product you list, and set up rates for shipping.

Open Up Shop

Once your items are listed, your products will be listed on the Droneflux store and your personal store page.

Ship + Get Paid

When a user purchases an item from your store, ship your item out and receive payment.

Seller FAQs

What is Droneflux?

Droneflux is a multi-vendor platform that provides a marketplace for any business to have an online presence and increase online sales. Droneflux also provides services such as reviews, product photos, event coverage, and multimedia.

How do I become a vendor?

Simply click account, select Become a Seller, and fill in your information.

What fee is there to become a vendor?

It is free to create a seller account on Droneflux with no hidden fees.

How much commission does Droneflux take?

Droneflux receives an 8% commission off each sale.

I’m receiving an error when creating an account?

Make sure you are not on a VPN. Also, avoid emails with symbols such as hyphens, underscores, or slashes. If the problem persists, please contact with your error.

What can I sell?

You can only sell tangible goods that are Drone related that fit within our categories.


Incompatible Product Examples:

How do I set shipping?

In your store settings, there is a shipping section. You select a country and establish a price.

US - $5.99

Everywhere Else - $12.99

You can also have specific items override shipping prices. Go to your item and select shipping options, select override, then you can edit shipping for the specific item if the specific item is too large to be covered.

We also recommend Free Shipping to encourage sales.

How do I receive payment?

All sales are done through a secure Paypal transaction in a Buyer-Seller system. Paypal will deduct the 8% from the purchase and you will receive the total. This will mean Droneflux will not be in the middle of the transaction and you will be directly responsible for the customer’s order.

What’s your return policy?

We have some guidelines that you can read about here:

I need product photos!

Lucky for you, Droneflux offers services for product photos. Simply ship the item to us with payment and a return shipping label, and we will send you the photos and item back. For more information, email us at

How do I get a advertise my product?

Droneflux offers services to do product reviews in multiple forms. We have packages for front page banners, written reviews, and video reviews for our “Elevate” Youtube show. For more information, email us at

How do I contact customer service?

If you have any other question, please email us at

Seller Handbook

Seller Account Overview

Learn how to navigate the seller dashboard. Understand the benefits and features of your Droneflux seller account.

Configuring Shipping

Learn how to setup shipping parameters for multiple items. Set shipping rates based off of where you are located.

Listing Product

Learn how list products effectivly. Listing products accurately will help increase sales and decrease customer service request.