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The P2/P3 Go QuadCharger uses the DJI Phantom 2 or Phantom 3 Charger that came with your DJI drone to charge four batteries at a time. It also serves as a convenient carrying case.

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The P2|P3 Combo uses the 50W battery charger this is supplied for the Phantom 2, or the 100w or 180w battery charger that is supplied with the Phantom 3 Drone. Requires a 120v AC outlet to plug into.

Great for the pilot who has either or both drones.


  1. Plug your Phantom 2 or Phantom 3 batteries into the P2/P3 Quadcharger GO charging slots.
  2. Plug your DJI Phantom 2 or Phantom 3 charger into the P2/P3 Quadcharger GO.
  3. Plug the DJI charger into an appropriate power source (wall receptacle, generator, etc.).

Batteries can be inserted or removed while charging.

Depending on the level of discharge in each battery the charging process of each battery will start and stop as the level of charge in each battery equalizes.

Note: Normal charging time for four Phantom 2 or Phantom 3 type batteries with discharge levels of 20% will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge with the P2/P3 Quadcharger GO and your standard DJI charger.

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