50$ for  210 Racing  frame

50$ for 220 Racing frames


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100% carbon fiber , very light,

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Parts for Drone

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Total Weight :97.0g

100% Twill 3k Carbon Fiber


1 Set  220frame kits

3pcs standoff 40mm color purple.

6xM3*6mm button heads screws.

4xM3*12mm button heads screws.

4x M3 Nylock nuts

4mm Carbon fiber for  bottom plate

2mm side plate


Your  can use Electronic as below:

Eelectronic 30Amps ESC’s,

2205 2100kv/2207 2500kv motors, 5-6 inch props,

Spf3 or simular flight controler

Camare Angle : 25/35/45 degrees Adjustable.

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