Emax Teases Tiny Whoop Killer

| December 16, 2016


At IDE 2016, Emax teased two new products coming out early 2017. One is a high spec 200mm Ready-to-Fly racing quadcopter aimed at experienced pilots looking to get into drone racing for the first time. Armored with high impact polycarbonate and featuring replaceable and upgradeable parts, it will be a great way for pilots to begin their racing career. It will feature the Emax 2300kv high speed motors, one of the most popular motors used by racing pilots, as well as an F3 processor for smooth flight characteristics and BlHeli-S speed controllers to help with throttle management in racing situations. Their speed controllers will also be sporting a new solderless version so beginners won’t have to mess around with soldering small electronics together, risking damage to their drone. It will take up to 4s lipos to maximize the power of the motors so pilots can keep up in a race.

Their second product is an 85mm racing drone, aimed to be the next step up from the Tiny Whoop. Featuring 1104 sized brushless motors, they will be a powerhouse on 2s lipos. The prototypes had 4000kv motors but they were in talks of putting higher kv motors. They will also contain the new solderless speed controllers for replacing and upgrading as well as a built-in camera and video transmitter. Best part of all to any pilot who has flown a Tiny Whoop, it will come with a flight controller with Betaflight installed so those looking for better flight characteristics will be able to flight it the way they want.