New Tech at IDE 2016

| December 15, 2016


The International Drone Expo showcases some of the latest advancements in quadcopter and UAV tech to the general consumer. While the were undoubtably some cool products being showcased, we were a little disappointed by the turnout this year. Previously, this has been a relatively large expo for a niche market, but we did not meet as many vendors this year as we were expecting. From what we understand, there’s a few logistical things happening behind the scenes that have contributed to this being the case. Regardless, the companies and teams we did meet brought some really cool stuff to the table. We saw everything from colossal octocopters capable of carrying a human to small drop-doors you attach to your DJI Phantom. MultiGP also hosted a drone race to showcase new advancements made on the racing front. Amidst everything on the show floor, there definitely seemed to be more a focus on commercial-grade tech, which we were very excited about! A lot of these companies have been looking beyond the scope of racing (which, don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love), trying to find new ways to use UAV tech to solve problems. Stay posted as we show you some of our favorite products from the week.