The Biggest Step to Getting Into FPV

| June 29, 2016


“How does one get into FPV?” (First Person View… in this case, flying drones using an FPV video system). This is one of the biggest questions people ask me when it comes to quadcopters. It all looks very intimidating. Though we’ve designed Droneflux to make the world of FPV reachable to the average person, the biggest recommendation I can give is to get involved with pilots in your local community.

The fact is, when you surround yourself with people that can help you and answer questions on the spot, you learn much more efficiently than spending hours trying to find answers online. Once you get the hang of it, the world of quadcopters is simple. Without the right people to answer your questions, the daunting amount of information online information can make it hard for you to focus on what your really need to do. When I started the hobby, there weren’t any local communities I knew of that focused on drones. For instance, I made the mistake of thinking a single speed controller (ESC) controlled ALL the motors, rather than an individual ESC for each individual motor. I learned things the hard way, and it wasn’t until I met by chance with a small Facebook Group called Orange County Flyers Club that my knowledge suddenly grew.

Nowadays, there are many local communities spread out across the US. In Southern California alone, great clubs include the mentioned Orange County Flyer’s Club, Riverside Elite, LAFPV, and more! Even the top pilots in the world (Ummagawd, Bapu, Sergio, and even Charpu) are heavily involved in these types of groups. While someone could easily be taken back and perhaps be discouraged from flying around such pilots, the fact is they love to help beginners fly better and become invested into the art of flying. Many of these pilots all around the world love FPV and want to spread the joy of being in the air with everyone, so don’t feel discouraged from visiting. Someday, you might be racing head to head with them in Dubai!